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"Candace is a wonderfully talented landscape photographer and outdoor leader.  Her workshop was a joy as a student and fellow photographer.  She made me feel comfortable, confident and safe in a rugged environment and provided top notch instruction so I could concentrate on improving my skills. I really had a wonderful time & learned a lot.  I was impressed with the skill level of my fellow students and found that inspiring and fun to see their work and then watch them work. It was really a wonderful trip and I loved getting to know/meet passionate & talented people. I hope we can keep in touch & find some more time in the happy places together!!  For me the time we spent together was a treasure I’ll remember for the rest of my life. And for that, I thank you!!"


- Loren Waxman

"I have only participated in a few workshops but this was by far the best. My main goal was to just get exposure to the thought process, approaches, composition styles, and interactions of leaders who I admire and respect. Candace and Hillary's Oregon Coast workshop exceeded my expectations in this regard. The workshop was everything I thought it would be and more.  If someone asks for a recommendation, Candace Dyar/ Hillary Younger Workshops will be the first I recommend."


- Erwin Buske



"I would have to rate Candace's Fall Colors in Leavenworth Workshop this as one of my top 3 workshops that I've ever been on and I have quite a few under my belt now. All of my favorites are based on a lot of different reasons and locations, but the leader has a lot to do with that. Candace is a true professional and I can proudly say that I've had the opportunity to learn from someone who's photography I admire very much! I really enjoyed her workshop and I don't think it could have been any better for me. It will stand to be one of my best ever for sure! Such wonderful memories to last a lifetime. I am so thankful for meeting her and becoming her friend. Looking forward to our next workshop together!"

“I would highly recommend anyone attend a workshop with Candace and Hillary. Our Oregon Coast Workshop was very organized from the beginning and with their combined experience and talent they have been blessed with to share with you, it will be money well invested.

Not to mention, they are two fun ladies to be around which only adds to the adventure."


- Doug Poe

 "Candace is personable, informative, and very giving. I really appreciated her help and knowledge of the area as well as her knowledge of photography. I do think the planning and organizing for this week long workshop was fantastic! Candace was flexible with strong alternatives when the weather didn’t cooperate. It felt very organized with her knowing the tides, and best times for shooting in various areas.

Even though plans needed to change at times, it still felt very organized and well put together. 

Thank you for a most memorable, enjoyable workshop! " 

- Nadeen Flynn 

"Fantastic workshop in the Eastern Sierras!  Candace and Hillary are fun, knowledgeable, steer you to great places to take wonderful photos, and provide all the technical help you need to take best advantage of your gear.

I really like the idea of scouting out a location, and at least aiming for a more artistic and crafted image.  As I’ve aged, I can see that getting one truly amazing artistic shot, is worth more than 50 documentary shots.

I’ve been shooting landscapes for longer than the two of them combined, but still they opened my eyes to new ways of seeing and capturing beauty that I had not considered.  I can’t recommend them highly enough!"

- Paul Reinstein


The Mount St. Helens workshop was awesome! I have pretty high expectations for things and I was definitely satisfied by my experience. I want to emphasize that I had a really had a good experience. It can be tough for me to get out and do new things but Candace and Maryanne made it so easy and comfortable and I got great experience in a type of photography I’ve never done before, which is exactly what I was looking for!!!

- Erik Haake

"Candace's Fall Leavenworth Workshop was a blast! So much laughter, great photography advice, and fun daily field trips. Back to reality...damn. Candace was even kind enough to let me use her camera and tripod when mine stopped working! And she let me borrow her charger as well! What a life safer. Thank you so much, Candace! 

- Cindy Tarango

"Candace and Hillary's Eastern Sierra workshop was awesome!  It was really a great experience for me, especially at this time of my life. I really appreciated the clear communication and I learned more about scouting a location and planning the shots. 

Processing was enlightening for me, with focus on more advanced Photoshop techniques." 

- Meg Mosley

Thank you to both Candace and Maryanne for a wonderful weekend workshop at Mount St. Helens!  I learned a lot, even if I felt like it was over my head  in some cases, seemed like I was far behind the others in the group with focus stacking and exposure blending and I had a lot of catching up to do… but that was why I was there. Both of the instructors were on the same page with instruction and helpful tips/hints.  Loved the size of the group! 

- Marlana Dutcher

I truly loved being in a small was awesome! Candace and Maryanne are so knowledgeable and their guidance, on site choices and composition were very helpful. I would highly recommend a workshop with them because of their incredible talent and knowledge on so many levels, plus they work very well together. 

- Jean MacTarnahan


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